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Home » ULTIMATE SMART HOME TECH TOUR: 21 Home Automation Ideas for 2020 technology home

ULTIMATE SMART HOME TECH TOUR: 21 Home Automation Ideas for 2020 technology home

Voici mon Ultimate Smart Home Tech Tour avec 21 façons dont nous avons automatisé notre maison. C’est aussi le guide cadeau parfait, surtout pour Noël ! LIENS RAPIDES : 1.) 0:54 – Stores intelligents : 2.) 1:20 – Contrôle intelligent du ventilateur : 3.) 1:40 – Laveuse intelligente : | Sèche-linge intelligent : 4.) 2:10 – Aspirateur intelligent : 5.) 2:42 – Éclairage intelligent | Kit de démarrage d’éclairage intelligent : | Ampoule Intelligente : | Gradateur intelligent : | Bande lumineuse intelligente : 6.) 3:18 – Alarme intelligente | Pack de démarrage d’alarme Nest : | Nest Tag : | Nest Detect : 7.) 4:16 – Sécurité intelligente | Caméras d’intérieur – Paquet de 3 : | Caméras extérieures – Paquet de 2 : 8.) 4:49 – Sonnette intelligente : 9.) 5:12 – Thermostat intelligent : | Détecteur de fumée intelligent : 10.) 5:32 – Serrures intelligentes | Serrures Nest : | Serrures d’août : 11 h 06 : 06 – Réfrigérateur intelligent : 12.) 6 h 51 – Haut-parleurs intelligents | Amplifier : | Subwoofer : | Barre de son : 13.) 7:14 – Routeurs WiFi intelligents : 14.) 7:49 – Prises intelligentes : 15.) 8:42 – Home Hub avec assistant : 16.) 9:54 – Écran intelligent : homedepot.sjv .io / smart-display-10 en 17.) 10:12 – Google Home Minis | Assistant vocal : | Titulaires : 18.) 10:31 – Irrigation Intelligente | Kit d’arrosage : | Contrôleur WiFi : 19.) 11h01 – Ouvre-garage intelligent : 20.) Tondeuse à gazon robot : 21.) Panneaux solaires : #smarthome #smarthometour #homeautomation ***************** ********* Restez à l’écoute pour plus de vidéos sur la technologie et le style de vie durables ! ➤ Eco Smart Home / Vidéos Tesla : SAMEDI ➤ Vidéos Vegan + Eco Travel / Lifestyle : MERCREDI *************************** S’IL VOUS PLAÎT POUCE UP + S’ABONNER ! CONNECTEZ-VOUS AVEC MOI ! 👇🏽 → Instagram : → Twitter : → Facebook : → YouTube : → Pinterest : → Blog : ************************** 🎥 EQUIPEMENT VIDEO I UTILISER TYPIQUEMENT 🎥 * DERNIÈRE caméra de vlogging : ancienne caméra de vlogging : objectif de vlogging : * DERNIÈRE version audio pour caméra : ancienne audio pour caméra : audio pour téléphone : cardan : * DERNIER DRONE : nouveau drone : ancien drone : Gorilla Pod : GoPro : sac à dos : édition : Trépied : Photographie Cam : Photographie Objectif : Jusqu’à la prochaine vidéo, continuez à vivre une vie verte et aventureuse ! xoxo, Ashley Reindeer .

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ULTIMATE SMART HOME TECH TOUR: 21 Home Automation Ideas for 2020

ULTIMATE SMART HOME TECH TOUR: 21 Home Automation Ideas for 2020

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ULTIMATE SMART HOME TECH TOUR: 21 Home Automation Ideas for 2020
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48 thoughts on “ULTIMATE SMART HOME TECH TOUR: 21 Home Automation Ideas for 2020 technology home”

  1. I’m not sure if people are just looking for someone to hate/something to be upset about or if they have some deluded notion that their idea of sustainability or smart home is the only one in existence. I’m absolutely baffled that people in the comments are complaining that this home is not at all sustainable or moving towards that direction. It has SOLAR PANELS and battery backup people. I’m even more baffled at people in the comments saying this home is not a smart/automated home. For crying out loud, google home/assistant can automate every single product on this list except for solar panels. Quit complaining/negatively criticizing someone trying to do their part to be more efficient and sustainable in their lives. Live yours and if you don’t like the concept, come out with your own video about sustainability and automation.

  2. Hola, como estas?, Los mejores y más cordiales Saludos desde puente piedra, lima, Perú, ojalá que puedas venir nuevamente en algún momento a mi país y que disfrutes mucho de todo por aquí, con la familia y los amigos, felicidades por tus vídeos…

  3. Now you can even control your TV, AC and all remote controlled devices through IR blaster. And you can even change your channel with voice assistance through IR blasters 🤷🏻‍♂️

  4. I would never purchase a smart lock for my door! Being in Cybersecurity, this is probably the riskiest thing you could have in a smart home. Yes its nice to have and ease of access, but having a regular key could save your life!

  5. Awesome vid… I'm building my smart home piece by piece… So far I have the door locks, Xfinity smart security system with cameras, Samsung smart fridge, hub, doorbells, smart lightbulbs, smart thermostat, smart plugs, smart washer & dryer. Now on to Solar on my house! Thank you for the ideas… I love your house!! <3

  6. I'm sincerely baffled by all these Youtubers that obviously aren't big enough to justify all the expensive crap they showcase, who just don't acknowledge that they're extremely blessed and lucky. The girl is a stay at home mom for crying out loud. She has 39k subscribers, she's not paying for all the things she's going on about. Either her hubby has a good job or they live off of wealthy parents, it's quite simple. And that's fine, really, just don't showcase all this and act like it's your ingenuity that made it happen. It's obviously the wad of cash that's in your hubby's wallet. Acknowledge you're a lucky girl and all of us who are grinding every single day will tolerate you. You're not special, you're just lucky.

  7. I love this video, how so I learn how to install this smart home devices and how can I get the smart home products and services? Am based in Nigeria. Thanks

  8. I understand these people are rich, built their own home, and wanted the best tech money can buy, but I never understood spending 3x to 10x the money on smart devices that are name brand. There are much cheaper alternatives that will still connect all of these devices together. Have you looked at the cost of Phillips Hue bulbs?!?! It's insane. I have bought and tried 17, yes 17, different types of smart lighting (I returned most of them within 30 days and get my money back) and, except for a few atrocious brands, they are pretty similar. Why spend $200 when you can spend $20.

  9. Great video and good line up of smart home options. Ignore the haters who's only goal is to stuff a hot pocket in their mouth and critize everything.

  10. If you're using nest this is a paid advertisement. An actual advanced house would use an in-house system. Stupid fuckinf bigger sellout

  11. Ultimate smart home!? Meeeh, nothing revolutionary, just a bunch of Kickstarter-ish products that are still far from seamless integration. But having a smart girl who is so much into tech – priceless!

  12. I spent 20 minutes calculating a rough estimate of everything she has BEFORE LABOR (except solar panel labor) and it's just under $50,000. $46,048. Damn.

  13. You people are aware that those camera and recording devices are spying on you? Its like living in the Big Brother house. If you dont care about privacy…make your house smart.

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