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Home » U.S. vs. China: The Design and Technology Behind Military Drones | WSJ a.n.d technology

U.S. vs. China: The Design and Technology Behind Military Drones | WSJ a.n.d technology

La Chine étend son arsenal militaire avec de nouveaux drones, y compris des versions furtives et celles qui peuvent essaimer et larguer des bombes. Le WSJ compare la technologie et la conception de ces drones avec leurs homologues américains pour voir comment Pékin équipe son armée pour un éventuel conflit futur. Photo composite : Sharon Shi Pour en savoir plus sur le Wall Street Journal : Visitez : Visitez le WSJ Video Center : Sur Facebook : Sur Twitter : Sur Snapchat : #USChina #Drones #WSJ.


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U.S. vs. China: The Design and Technology Behind Military Drones | WSJ

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#China #Design #Technology #Military #Drones #WSJ
U.S. vs. China: The Design and Technology Behind Military Drones | WSJ
a.n.d technology
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36 thoughts on “U.S. vs. China: The Design and Technology Behind Military Drones | WSJ a.n.d technology”

  1. Sad part is 20 of these drone could pull hundreds of families out of poverty in both countries. But we waste money on nothing

  2. If the Iranians with all the sanctions on them I've managed to shut down the US evil Zionist regime drone Global Hawk which is one of the most expensive drone in the world and I believe the Chinese can do better she can criticize the Chinese throwing as much as she want the US evil Zionist regime was telling the whole world the global hawk drone is invisible until the Iranians shortest down

  3. If americans call Chinese drones copy then rocket was also invented in ottoman empire why did usa copied rockets from them also ballistic missiles were invented by tipu sultan why did usa copied missiles

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  5. I always love when China threatens the USA by saying don’t ignite a Cold War when China is doing a pretty good job of instigating it all by themselves

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  7. We have the most robots, No we have the biggest best fastest mostest drones. No my drones are better than your drones. But you are both wrong, it is our robots who will prove that our nation is better than your nation of robots.

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    이런 병패를 고치는 데 무슨 돈이필요 한가? 돈 없이 미국민들의 삶을 개선 시킬 수 있는 일을 ….

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  9. Pakistan China most trusted allied who was one of the few buyers of Chinese drones already had return those drones back to China, let that sink in.

  10. Taiwan & Asean countries should develop abundantly bio-chemical weapons, UAVs, long-range cruise missiles that can carry both bio-chemical & conventional weapons deep into China's territory, so that China can see that if China dares to attack Taiwan or any Asean country , an unprecedented pandemic will almost wipe out the Chinese people.. China then would not dare to attack Taiwan or other asean countries . ..The abundant development of biological and chemical weapons is easy to do with the technology that Taiwan and some asean countries currently have and can be done very quickly. This is an effective strategy to counterbalance China's military might and aggression. China can't bear such a massive loss of its population, thus the total destruction of its economy..

  11. While its good to be aware of what your enemies are up with, i think WSJ always try to project china a power that it is not, definately a threat perception thrived and built on money by wall street, chinese drones have been shot down by libyan defence forces that too with small arms and old anti aircraft guns, not just chinese but drones all over the world present huge challenges.

  12. The most scary part is that communist China knows that it doesn’t have to build sophisticated planes, it just needs to build 100 times as many drones as the US planes. Imagine every US jet fighter has to dogfight with 100 drones.

  13. If the US is the number one, then the only country that can compete in drones production is China 🇨🇳.

    China has its own “GPS”, design and manufacture all drones in-house. Even if the quality is not on the top, the thought of facing 10,000 Chinese drones at one time in any battlefield is kinda scary. ☠️

  14. China is a peace love country and focuses its own development, but some US/UK/Australia officials and news media are spreading hatred against it and painting it as evil for justifying an excuse to start a fight.

  15. is WSJ supposed to report more financial and economic news? Rand cooperation has one single mission which is to help US government keep high defence budget because it’s funded by industrial military complex. Their report can be ignored completely.

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