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TIMELAPSE OF FUTURE TECHNOLOGY: 2022 – 4000+ technology of the future

Le voyage pour voir la future technologie commence en 2022, lorsque Elon Musk et SpaceX envoient le premier vaisseau spatial sur Mars – commençant les préparatifs de l’arrivée des premiers explorateurs humains. Nous voyons l’évolution de l’exploration spatiale, depuis la mission Artemis de la NASA, l’atterrissage des humains sur Mars et la mise en ligne du système Internet interplanétaire. Au lancement du programme Starshot Alpha Centauri et aux ordinateurs quantiques concevant des plantes capables de survivre sur Mars. Sur Terre, la technologie évolue avec les ordinateurs quantiques et les puces Neaulink. Les gens commencent à vivre avec des organes bio-imprimés. Les humains enregistrent chaque partie de la vie depuis la naissance. Et l’enregistrement de la parole intérieure devient possible. Et qu’en est-il des prédictions plus lointaines dans le futur, lorsque les humains deviendront des civilisations de niveau 2 et de niveau 3. Lorsque le moteur de distorsion de la NASA sera mis en service et que Mars déclarera son indépendance par rapport à la Terre. Y aura-t-il des structures Dyson construites autour des étoiles pour capter leur énergie. Aideront-ils à alimenter des ordinateurs capables de prendre la conscience humaine et de la télécharger dans un cœur d’ordinateur quantique. Permettre à l’humanité de voyager plus loin dans l’espace. Citations sur l’avenir de : Arthur C. Clarke, Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein et Elon Musk Images supplémentaires provenant de : NASA, SpaceX ___ Livres recommandés par Elon Musk sur la technologie, les innovations et la science-fiction futures (liens affiliés) : • Superintelligence : chemins, dangers, stratégies • Vie 3.0 : Être humain à l’ère de l’intelligence artificielle • Notre dernière invention : l’intelligence artificielle et la fin de l’ère humaine • La fondation : • Le guide des auto-stoppeurs de la galaxie : ___ Autres vidéos à regarder : • Space Inc : Les nouvelles entreprises et technologies spatiales • Comment Elon Musk construit un chemin de fer vers l’espace (Starship & SpaceX) • Elon Musk sur l’intelligence artificielle (et les bases de l’IA) – Documentaire.

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34 thoughts on “TIMELAPSE OF FUTURE TECHNOLOGY: 2022 – 4000+ technology of the future”

  1. All we need to do is to create very strong artificial intelligence and this AI will create everything else. By 2050 artificial intelligence will become million times smarter then human and will become self aware. This strong AI will be able to achieve in 1 day what all human scientists together achieve in 100 years. First thing this AI will create is even more powerful AI. All these achievements and a lot more in the video will come true within 200 years from now because of this powerful AI. If we can travel faster then light then within 200 years from now artificial intelligence will be inside every stone, every planet, every star in the universe and universe will come alive. And many of us that are alive today will see this because 20-40 years from now nobody will die anymore, people will die only from accidents. All we need is to keep ourselves healthy for next 20-40 years and we’ll see amazing things.

  2. ok,
    so that clarifies all the UFO cases till now…

    those ppl r us, coming back periodically,
    to verify their past…

    'coz in the year 20,000,
    someone told them,
    that back in the year 10,000,

    "A type 2 civilization tried preventing the death of its star, by injecting fuel into it…"

    & eventually nuked the whole star-systems…

    whose idea was that?? LOL

  3. Our future will be just like Star Trek. No money, no racism, everyone will be perfect, and no one will die of old age, because we will be the Borg.

  4. Humans thought the same in 1970s and 1980s but in last year we saw even planes were not flying. Everthing has just improved discoveries and inventions are less. what you showed in 20 years may take 80-100 years

  5. Yeah…. nahhh lmao
    If we get to mars before ~2045 ill be surprised (Ill be doubly surprised if its Elon that gets us there).
    Everything else if off by between 25-200 years (probably).
    The ETA on the hyperloop (2100) is probably right. TBH after about the 12m mark I laughed so hard. So, thank you.

  6. the problem with technology is that it doesn't always move at the same pace. future is unknown and the opposite might happen. it depends on how important education and innovation becomes and how serious countries take it. it depends on how countries recognize and exalt their intellectuals and build and improve a fair system for all. smart and creative people should be discovered, preserved and given opportunities to push the boundaries of science. it depends whether we would have another Einstein to formulate new physics, mathematics and other sciences. Most importantly, it depends on how much is God ready to give his knowledge to human beings. a phrase in holy Quran says, humans won't get his knowledge without his will. blessed is the lord, the creator of heavens and earth whose knowledge has no limit and far surpasses any creation of his.

  7. Extrapolating from the present to the future is hit and miss, about 50/50. The World's Fairs showed elevated highways, electronic kitchens, and TV's on the walls. Again, about 50% right. Trouble is, 50/50 might thrill fair goers, but to plan your company with investments and being just 50/50 as to accuracy probably means you join Woolworth's, Kmart and Philco in the lexicon of business history…

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