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Is Finance A Good Major? finance university


Cours universitaire : 20 % de réduction Code promo : COLLEGE 🔥🔥🔥 ➤ WEBULL 📲 – Application d’investissement – Gagnez 4 actions gratuites (évaluées jusqu’à 1 400 $) lorsque vous déposez 100 $. La finance est-elle une bonne spécialité ? Les diplômes en finance sont intéressants … Il y a beaucoup de choses à dire quand il s’agit d’une majeure en finance, c’est donc ce que nous allons aborder aujourd’hui ! INSCRIVEZ-VOUS ICI : ———- Ces vidéos sont uniquement à des fins de divertissement et ne sont que l’opinion de Shane, basée sur sa propre expérience de vie et les recherches qu’il a effectuées. Shane n’est pas un avocat, un CPA, une assurance ou un conseiller financier et les informations présentées ne doivent pas être interprétées comme des conseils fiscaux, juridiques, d’assurance, de sécurité ou financiers. Si des actions ou des sociétés sont mentionnées, Shane pourrait y détenir une participation. Des liens d’affiliation peuvent être présents, les offres et les numéros présentés peuvent changer au fil du temps, veuillez donc vous assurer de confirmer que l’offre est toujours valable. Certaines offres mentionnées peuvent ne plus être disponibles ou avoir été modifiées. Veuillez ne pas prendre de décisions d’achat ou de vente en fonction des vidéos de Shane. Si vous avez besoin de tels conseils, veuillez contacter les professionnels juridiques ou financiers qualifiés, ne vous contentez pas de vous fier à l’opinion d’un étranger sur Internet et assurez-vous toujours de faire vos propres recherches et de profiter de ce contenu familial. Sources et lectures complémentaires pour les emplois et les diplômes universitaires : (bureau of labour statistics) (centre national des statistiques de l’éducation) paysscale (fournit des informations sur les emplois et les diplômes).


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Is Finance A Good Major?

Is Finance A Good Major?

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Is Finance A Good Major?
finance university
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44 thoughts on “Is Finance A Good Major? finance university”

  1. Finance as a field is much broader field than Accounting; sure in Accounting there is Tax Accounting , Financial Accounting and Managerial Accounting but these subjects are still much more strongly related to each other than Financial Economics, Financial Engineering /Quantitative Finance and Corporate Finance. Corporate Finance is closely related to Accounting, this is not the case for the other two areas of Finance that require different expertise and tend to attract different people.
    PS : I am studying Business&Economia with a specialization in Financial Economics.

  2. Do you guys think having a business degree worth it? Studying for 4/5 years in Finance worth it? I’m really passionate about business school, but I find myself comparing my interests to others. I’m the only person in my school as far as I know that’s planning on entering business school. I can’t find anyone to talk to or any support or motivation related to this major. I need help y’all 😔

  3. I work at a car dealership, and the finance manager has it easy, just sell gap insurance, extended warranty, etc…long hours though…and they drive the best cars compare to all the employee at the dealership. They just sit back and wait for a deal to strike between sale team and customer then see if you can sell add ons

  4. Finance analyst here in manufacturing , finance is mostly common sense and understanding logic, majority of your day will focus on meeting discussing models and ways to save or earn money for the business. You will learn all sides of the business and its exciting at the beginning.. once you learn the cool stuff and proposed project and recommendations here and there its becoming boring or repetitive.

    Excel is our best friend but BI tools are taking over.. overall its a good skill to learn but hard to get opportunities specially when someone dont have a degree.

  5. I majored in finance in June. I am currently working as a teller at a small credit union. Do you think it’s worth it to keep working as a teller if I obtained my bachelors in finance. I am having a hard time knowing what I qualify for.

  6. I remember asking (commenting) you about an international relations major but I have now taken a solid path which align my interests (being global) and management of money(which I think is one of the most useful skills) The combination is Accounting and Finance and I came to this decision all thanks to you. I’ll be starting this month at this course soo thanks man.

  7. Finance is not a good degree because ITS NOT A TRADE. You will learn good financial information but you need the trade/cert to get a job.
    Accounting is the better degree because IT IS A TRADE.
    IT is good because its a TRADE.
    Engineering is A TRADE.

  8. I'm still confused and don't know which business major to choose but I have been keeping my eyes on finance for a while and this video really gives me so much advice.

  9. What qualities should be present in a person in order to choose finance or accounting?
    If you add psychological needs (how a person should be in order to choose certain careers) would help more

  10. This totally depends on the quality of school you go to.. there are tons of finance degree holders from 3rd and 4th tier schools that make 40-45k ten years out. If you go to a flagship school or a top 100 school I can see 98k ten years out.. But I know a ton of people making 45-70k ten years out..

  11. I heard that the people who couldn’t do accounting go into finance, is this true? Finance is more interesting than accounting. It is easier for accountants to learn finance, however, not vice versa. I also heard that finanical analysts typically have accounting degrees!

  12. 4:09 scared tf outta me with that 😭 but hey man this was a REALLY good video. Made me subscribe too, this is the exact major Im tryna get into, I kno it aint gonna be easy, but I like the idea, high risk, but bigger reward in store 💯💪🏿

  13. hello.Shane.I have been watching your videos from a long time.I am currently in the first year of my undergrad .I have to decide my major and i am perplexed between finance and accounting?Please suggest me something.I have also considered getting a double majors.

  14. I was under the impression that having a simple job in finance would guarantee that I don’t work slave hours, have weekends and holidays off. That’s all I care about really. Aren’t there many solid entry level finance jobs that are like that? I want to get into the field but Im not competitive and don’t wanna do commission based work. There has to be mindless Monday-Friday 9-5 jobs that make considerable money. I’m from NYC btw

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