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10 Personal Finance Rules School Doesn't Teach You finance education for beginners


Qu’avez-vous appris sur les finances personnelles au collège? Crédit? Investir ? Gestion de l’argent ? Ou avez-vous seulement suivi les cours qui vous étaient obligatoires pour obtenir votre diplôme ? Eh bien, pour la plupart des gens, ces cours étaient plus ou moins inutiles, tout comme le calcul, l’astronomie et l’anthropologie. Dans la vidéo d’aujourd’hui, nous allons partager avec vous 10 choses que l’école ne vous a pas apprises sur l’argent. #FinancialWisdom Plus de vidéos : 10 façons légitimes de gagner de l’argent et des revenus passifs en ligne – Comment gagner de l’argent en ligne – 10 signes que vous êtes né pour être riche – COMMENT LES RICHES CACHE LEUR ARGENT ET NE PAIENT PAS D’IMPT – 7 types de revenus d’un millionnaire moyen – Comment devenir riche – 10 étapes vers la liberté financière – Comment être bon avec l’argent – Références : Musique : (Rêves) par Sagesse pratique – Idées intéressantes AVIS DE NON-RESPONSABILITÉ : Je ne suis pas un conseiller financier. Ces vidéos sont uniquement à des fins éducatives. Aucun conseil financier officiel n’est donné. Veuillez toujours vérifier auprès d’un professionnel avant de prendre des décisions d’investissement ou financières. Vos investissements sont de votre seule responsabilité, ces vidéos ne font que partager mes propres opinions sans aucune garantie de gain ou de perte. .

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10 Personal Finance Rules School Doesn't Teach You

10 Personal Finance Rules School Doesn't Teach You

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10 Personal Finance Rules School Doesn't Teach You
finance education for beginners
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22 thoughts on “10 Personal Finance Rules School Doesn't Teach You finance education for beginners”

  1. Almost all the personal finance help before 2020 is not relevant today. Everything has changed from buying a home to investment, and it isn't practical to follow the suggestions that have been mulling around for decades.

  2. Some basic tips I learned for saving money in college for first year's:
    – Do not go into the most expensive dorm. Ask on your college's reddit thread about the cheapest dorm with the best living conditions. If you were thrown into one, you can change it – and they'll refund you the surplus amount if you switch to a cheaper one (or at least, they should)
    – Don't get an unlimited meal plan, you're not going to use it as much– trust me. Check your college reddit thread for the meal plan people actually get. Sometimes meal plans are optional, and if you don't get one you'll be saving a lot of money. Sometimes paying at the dining centers out of pocket is cheaper than paying for the meal plan. Do the math on it

  3. Thanks Wisdom for the positive teaching on financial education and I urge people to know that Investing is currently the most lucrative business in the world, both NFT, real estate and Crypto shares are really positively changing people’s lives, I know the problems for technology believers will end soon

  4. This is an idiotic video. 1 penny compounded every other day will not give you $10 million at the end of 30 days. At 29 days you will have $163.84. So one would be wise to take the $3000 over 1 penny doubling every other day for 30 days.

  5. My teens are required to take a financial literacy course in high school. It seems like the GenZers are much more averse to debt. They see the millennials complaining about the consequences of their financial illiteracy on the internet all the time.

  6. Eh, the first tips is dangerously flawed. 1. You can't assume that the house market will continue to rise. 2. You take on more risk when you loan more money;. It's not fun to pay high interest rates.

  7. I'm sorry… I must be misunderstanding something, or people are overlooking this? His example of a "penny that doubles in value every other day" (so 15 times in 30 days) claimed it would be at $10 million, but after doing the math, I only got $163.84. Am I wrong? (I am young, not an actual businessman, so go easy one me.)

  8. I disagree that schools teach us simply to be good employees. Why? Because they don't even teach us how to interview….or get us basic work skills. All it does is teach us to do pointless tasks without question.
    I don't think that was designed this way (at least not at this point in time).

    Schools are ran by a unionized government branch. The contracts are strong and funded by tax payer dollars. Contrary to what people think, teachers make well above the average salary for an American. They also work significantly less than the average American. They also have Union protection which most americans don't have. Yes, we fund their salaries. Modern serfdom.

    Union lead businesses don't like change. Anything that would NEED to be done comes with the cost of negotiations with the unions. Takes a lot of money and time to fight that stuff. A schooling system that is behind the times I'm surprised at all. Also not surprised at the teachers entitlement. If all you had to do was work somewhere for 10yrs and then you get immunity from being fired…..well, you can bet your ass you're getting the bare minimum work out of that person. That's human nature.

    Politicians have also influenced school by requiring certain topics that are sometimes controversial. Problem is it is very one sided. To the point where many children are completely unaware there is a massive counter argument to what they were indoctrinated with.

    If by the 8th grade you haven't figured out basic math, English, science and history. You're fucked. Seriously. Highschool is just a waste of time. You won't learn a damn thing in 4yrs. Would be better if highschool became a work study program based on IQ and aptitude tests. Kids below 88 are never going to be engineers or doctors. The best they could hope for is a management roll….maybe. I'm not saying they can't pursue it, but am saying they shouldn't get tax payer funding on something that physically impossible for them to do. Kids below 70 shouldn't even be allowed to continue with traditional education and instead be taught trade skills in hopes they can do something with their life.

  9. Who told you that there's no courses that sharpen your financial skills. That is why students should learn financial accounting and personal finance courses that are offered at your college

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