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Home » ▶️Auto Financing 10 Day Rule, Don't Get Stuck In a UNHAPPY AUTO LOAN!!! HOW TO RETURN A USED CAR i financed a car and don’t want it

▶️Auto Financing 10 Day Rule, Don't Get Stuck In a UNHAPPY AUTO LOAN!!! HOW TO RETURN A USED CAR i financed a car and don’t want it


CAUCHEMAR du financement automobile ? Le concessionnaire automobile essaie-t-il de modifier les conditions d’achat de votre véhicule après que vous ayez pris livraison ? Veuillez d’abord regarder cette vidéo. Je répondrai à tous les commentaires. ▶ ️ ▶ ️ ▶ ️Calculateur de prêt auto gratuit : droit du concessionnaire d’exiger le retour Le contrat de voiture californien standard ne permet au concessionnaire que 10 jours pour trouver du financement. Si le concessionnaire ne peut honorer votre accord, il doit vous aviser qu’il résilie le contrat. Vous devez rendre le véhicule au concessionnaire. La seule chose que le concessionnaire peut faire est de reprendre la voiture, de vous rembourser 100 % de votre argent et de rendre votre véhicule d’échange, si vous en aviez un. Le concessionnaire ne peut pas vous facturer le kilométrage. Parfois, un concessionnaire essaiera de vous blâmer, vous disant que votre mauvais crédit est à blâmer, ou que vous devez signer un nouveau contrat, ou payer plus d’argent, ou payer un paiement plus élevé. Ce sont tous des mensonges. Pire encore, les concessionnaires menaceront de conserver une partie ou la totalité de votre acompte, ou de reprendre possession de votre crédit. C’est contre la loi. 0-10 jours Les concessionnaires vendent régulièrement des véhicules sans que les consommateurs aient d’abord approuvé un prêt. C’est ce qu’on appelle une “livraison ponctuelle”. Afin de se protéger, les concessionnaires insèrent des petits caractères au dos du contrat qui leur permettent d’exiger la restitution du véhicule s’ils ne trouvent pas de financement. Cependant, ce droit est limité et est régulièrement abusé. Si le concessionnaire ne vous dit pas de rendre le véhicule dans les 10 jours, la transaction est définitive. Après 10 jours, le concessionnaire ne peut pas exiger que vous restituiez le véhicule, sauf si vous avez fourni des informations incorrectes sur votre demande de crédit. Plus de 10 jours Après 10 jours, la transaction est définitive. Si un concessionnaire vous dit qu’il n’a pas pu trouver de financement, c’est le problème du concessionnaire, pas le vôtre. Si le concessionnaire ne peut pas céder votre prêt à une banque, le concessionnaire doit être votre banque. Vous devez envoyer vos mensualités au concessionnaire, comme s’il s’agissait d’une banque. De nombreux concessionnaires menaceront de reprendre possession si vous refusez de rendre le véhicule lorsqu’ils vous le demanderont. Si vous payez le concessionnaire comme convenu et qu’il reprend possession de votre véhicule, le concessionnaire est responsable du vol de votre propriété (appelé « conversion ») et vous pourriez avoir droit à des dommages-intérêts, y compris des dommages-intérêts punitifs. ▶ ️ ▶ ️ ** Si la vidéo vous a été utile, n’oubliez pas de la liker et pensez à vous abonner. De nouvelles vidéos tous les jeudis** ◀ ️ ◀ ️ Merci pour votre soutien. Que Dieu vous bénisse ▶ ️Support RandonFix visitez ▶ ️Support RandomFix via Paypal visitez ▶ ️Facebook https: ▶ ️ ▶ ️ Mon ordinateur ️ édition / téléchargement : ▶ ️ Mon ordinateur pour le montage/le téléchargement : ▶ Logiciel de montage vidéo : ▶ ️ Logiciel de vignette : Avis de non-responsabilité : En raison de facteurs indépendants de la volonté de RandomFix, RandomFix n’assume aucune responsabilité. Partenaire affilié : je peux recevoir des frais de certains de mes partenaires affiliés pour mes recommandations de première main. comment rendre une voiture d’occasion à un concessionnaire comment rendre une voiture à un concessionnaire

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▶️Auto Financing 10 Day Rule, Don't Get Stuck In a UNHAPPY AUTO LOAN!!! HOW TO RETURN A USED CAR

▶️Auto Financing 10 Day Rule, Don't Get Stuck In a UNHAPPY AUTO LOAN!!! HOW TO RETURN A USED CAR

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#Auto #Financing #Day #Rule #Don39t #Stuck #UNHAPPY #AUTO #LOAN #RETURN #CAR
▶️Auto Financing 10 Day Rule, Don't Get Stuck In a UNHAPPY AUTO LOAN!!! HOW TO RETURN A USED CAR
i financed a car and don’t want it
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43 thoughts on “▶️Auto Financing 10 Day Rule, Don't Get Stuck In a UNHAPPY AUTO LOAN!!! HOW TO RETURN A USED CAR i financed a car and don’t want it”

  1. I started the process of signing the contract and we finish we got to the last page and then it was time to put insurance on the car but with insurance and then the down payment for the insurance to be added to the car I realized I don’t think I’d be able to afford this new car with the new insurance adding up so I said I no longer want the car, I was still in the dealership I never drove the car off the lot and asked them to terminate contracts but they said we had already finished signing them what should I do

  2. I’m in a confusing situation as well, I got a call from the salesman today on 11/27/2021 saying I had to call the bank that I got approved for the loan and I was reading the email and it says “it will be purchasing my contract upon completion of the underwriting process” I purchased my vehicle on 11/22/2021, any idea on what I should do? I have all the contract paperwork and emails..I live in New York State

  3. I live in the state of California my name is Glenn Hello I purchased a used car from a dealership I've been trying to return the vehicle to get my downpayment back as I found it having the airbag light on and obvious defect of me driving over a period of 3 days of deeming it unsafe as it had a device Jimmy rigged to my battery with thin speaker wire that nearly burned the car down as it was ran ascent in my doorway got pinched and started sparking as I was driving charing the wiring which was aftermarket pinned into my cars factory ignition switch

  4. I’m in Portland Oregon and just received an email from the dealer to return the car due to them not finding anyone to finance me. It’s been 2 months since I’ve have the car already.

  5. Auto purchased brand new traded in a vehicle with a loan balance of 14000.00. They paid it off and could not find me financing for new vehicle 1 month later what is my legal right.

  6. So I went to misubishi it's 2021 and got a outlander sport suv I already have a small car I have my 3 kids my husband me and my mom with dementia there is no room in this car it's the 4th day during the first 24hours I beged them to take this suv back that I'm a first time car buyer they said no u own it it's yours think of it as a stepping stone I can't afford 27k car I'm pregnant and was not thinking it's was 8pm closing time by the time I got out of the car place the first day I was so tired what do I do?

  7. I purchased a vehicle and I have one day left on the ten day rule does that mean I have to return the vehicle if they can’t find a bank for a loan for me or can I keep the contract previously agreed upon and how do I fight it?

  8. Leased a new lexus is350 f sport, it's been 10 days I live in California, the dealer hasn't said anything about returning the vehicle, just stated that their waiting for the funding to fund it. At this point can I stay with the vehicle and refuse to take it back if they end up asking for it?

  9. They sent me a notice of rescind but are refusing to take the car back and give me my money. What they’re telling me is “ that by California law we have to send it doesn’t mean anything” looked it up and see no law like that

  10. Haha oh boy. I just signed off on a car like two days ago & I believe this happened to me. Actually I know this is happening to me. Apparently they want more paystubs from me & asked me to send them in once I get them. I can go pick up the car and everything so I’m assuming I’ll get a call from the dealership if I send in my paystub & the bank doesn’t like it. They’ll probably want to work out another deal. I told them it’s going to be awhile since I just received my last paycheck. Reason being is bc I just got a new job and I only have one paystub. So they want another one & I’m thinking if the bank doesn’t like it they’ll reject me & by then I’ll be past 10 days and I’ll most likely get a call from the dealership wanting me to come in to negotiate another deal.

    I wanna be prepared. What do you think I should do if that does happen? I also put a lot of $ down for it as well. I live in Utah by the way. If you know anything about their rules/regulations please help me.

  11. This is why I plan to pay cash. If this is impossible for you, get a pre-approval from your bank or credit union before you even go to the dealer. You'll probably get better terms than the dealership will offer you, and you'll have more leverage in negotiating the price anyway. Financing at a dealership should be your last resort. If the bank won't approve your loan, it's because you can't afford it to begin with.

  12. I’m stuck in that same issue now. I financed my vehicle on the 8th of April and as well traded in my car, then they called me today that they couldn’t find a bank that can finance me the loan. I spoke to the dealership about the 10 days that stated on the contract and they said that “it doesn’t matter since there’s no bank to finance you, you need to bring the vehicle back.”What should I do?

  13. We just bought a car two weeks ago ,but the financing lady asked to sign electronically she said that everything that she explained to us will be in the paper but the costco discount price was not there as we agreed with the salesman the msrp price was 30 k with the finance and fees went up to 37 500 but toyota had a rebate for 1500 which they discount it after everything was done so at end total was 36k my wife was so excited and exhausted that we didn't check that paper that the lady put in the envelope ,which we previously signed over the electronically device she never show us the final contract on paper till I check it next day and I saw that there was no costco discount I wonder if this is legal!? Feel like we loose about 2k I don't know if we can do something about it or we are done? Anybody please give us some advice thank you!

  14. Hey so I had a questioned? My mother just recently purchased a vehicle 2021 Honda Accord her score was 701 and her gross pay is almost 3k and what she takes to the bank is 2600 every month since she works for the county she get monthly pay.. well the car over 32k, the dealer let her take the car out and drive it home and she signed everything she needed to sign and now they’re calling her 2 weeks later asking her if she has a Co Buyers or a consigner now… cause her income not enough but she has the car already for 3 weeks what should she do??? Cause they’re saying the bank don’t wanna fund.. maybe u can answer the question?? Idk why they make her give 2k down 4 hours of waisted time to go in and signed papers and then hand her the keys..

  15. I got a truck exactly a month ago. I’ve signed two contracts already. When the last one was signed and submitted to the bank the bank called me to verify everything was correct and then fund the deal finally. After a close review I found some mistakes and told them about them as there were errors in my initial credit application wrong name, wrong employer name etc. AND 1 of the 3 references required was written down without my permission by dealer and it happened to be one of their employees. Obviously bank denied my loan after hearing this and did not fund anything. I just wanna have the deal unwind, return truck and get my deposit back. Dealer is pissed and said they can sue me (for what I don’t know)and even lying that the deal has been funded. I just verified with the bank and it has not been funded and actually got cancelled. What are my options?

  16. Hello, I bought a car 12 days ago and now the dealer called me and want me to take the car back, because they bank that was going to finance didn’t go thru. What do I do? Why did they give us the truck in the first place? Can I have problems with the law if I don’t return it? What’s gonna HAPPEND with the car that I trade? Please help!!!!! Thank you

  17. This recently happen to me today, it’s been 21 days and I got a call saying we need to return it since it wasn’t approved.
    We traded in a car and are saying now the low equity is hurting for the Bank to approve. They want to get us into a newer car and if not possible we have to return it.

    I’m in a Cali. So technically we don’t have to return it right?

    This is from norm Reeves a huge dealership chain.

  18. I bought a car 03.1.2021 & my first payment was supposed to be 04.15.21 . I called the dealer (3.31.21) to let them know I had not received anything in the mail in regards to registration, plates, as well as who to pay. That is when they notified me that the “paperwork” I signed was never sent over to the financing company and I need to go back in to sign a new contract. A close friend advised against it as when she had gone to them for the same reason, it was a completely different contract with higher numbers. I live in HI state. Am I still able to keep the current contract or do I have to return the car? I haven’t received any letter in the mail either.

  19. Bought my car March 12th. 10 days later finance guy wants me to come in and sign some papers because he claims that he forgot to put a $195.00 fee for the bank. I was quite surprised that 10 days after doing all the paperwork and driving the car that the loan had not gone through yet. Also the finance guy was the real sales person. He used deceit to get me to sign for a bunch of protection plans. I was in a hurry. Wanted to get the car and I'm sure they could tell that and were ready to take advantage of my eagerness to buy the car right away.

  20. Help I just got a car in Texas about 12 days ago 2018 Honda Accord everything was approved I sign papers but now the bank that financed it is asking for a drivers license they said I must have one In order to keep the car the dealership never told me I needed a drivers license to buy a car nobody told me Can I just tell them I don’t want the car anymore ( they as sellers should have let me know I needed a drivers license I do plan to get one but I just feel like the dealership didn’t give me the correct info n now am stuck for example my brother n sister in law just got a car n they didn’t need a drivers license to get the car what do I do pls help

  21. Hi my husband just got a car (today is the 10th day) they just called to tell us the interest is too low and we need to go in to sign a new contract with higher interest. However they will modify the cost of the car so that we end up paying the same thing which makes no sense they said or else he needs to return the car what can we do in this case? We live in California as well

  22. They had not installed the alarm so I contacted them and after hounding them with several calls they cancelled the charge or should I say they said they would write a check to bank that gave me loan

  23. Hi we bought a van from car max and it was a month later after i had called 2 weeks to find out were to send my payment they didnt know what i was calling about and said they would pass my message on there was a little phone tag finally we got a certified letter giving us 2 option cause the loan wasnt picked up but they had approved the loan already. Can we get our down pament back and just give the van back legally drop it off .

  24. Did a down payment on a car but transmission died on me on the highway and dealership offer to fix it for me but now its been 2 weeks and I've called the dealership on the day it was supposed to be fixed and ready to pick up but now dealership is avoiding my calls like their number doesn't work no more, what should I do?

  25. Does the cancellation have to be in a form of a letter? I've got calls from the dealer about signing a new contract, and another call to talk about paperwork. The conversation or voicemail never insisted me bringing the vehicle back.

  26. It’s been 1 and 9 months. The dealership called this may stating the bank lost the paperwork. Now they’re trying to get me to pay my whole year upfront to them. I came there with pre-approval. I kept talking with my bank and no one did anything now I’m lost.

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